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An Important Message to Our Movers

By BreakOut Studios | In News | on March 1, 2016

Dear Movers,

We would like to clear the air and update you on our current situation. BreakOut prides itself on having an incredible atmosphere where all are welcome and dance steps are never judged. It is important that the space we occupy is drama-free. The behind the scenes work to keep that type of environment should, if all possible, stay hidden. Unfortunately, we no longer are able to keep repairing our space and moving inside of it.

For the past three years, we have been located at 828 N. Stone Ave. We have loved the massive size of the space and its location near University Blvd. We have fought, almost from day one, to tackle its challenges and push forward even when our budget was taken over. Upon moving in, we only had 2 weeks to completely empty out of our 4th Ave space and relocate. Building studios from scratch with sprung floors can take time, we managed to pull it off. Over the first few months we began fixing a windfall of the properties promised upgrades – electrical, plumbing, cooling, and the list goes on. We were told that all of these utilities had been upgraded prior to our move-in. Needless to say, over the next three years this did not end and the list grew. Our success as a business took a backseat to expensive repairs. Not only was the physical building not in good condition, but the city had no records of the space – we were liable for 65 years of random ad-ons and additions. Two years to get a CofO which ended up being challenged by fire dept inspections upon a parking complaint. Meanwhile, the owners of this building have not once stepped in to help with anything. Not even to provide documentation on the space to speed up permits or city inspections. Promises of help, but never follow-through.

We have come to the point where we are unable to keep this game up. Paying rent and keeping this old unkept building in good order. Over 3 years we have paid 95% of the rent on top of these expenses. The owners have sprayed for termites when we originally moved in – that’s it. 5% of the rent has been withheld over the last few months as leverage to bring the owners to the table to discuss what we have spent on this space. The owners being out of state would arrange meetings but never show, demanding more funds. Yesterday we were told that we had only a few hours to vacate and a 24 hour lockout process would begin. Only a few hours to strip a space we had paid for and occupied for over 3 years. We got to work and most of our items got out. We could have caved to their demands but with council decided to stand our ground to protect the business longterm. It was a heart-breaking moment for all of us. So many hours – so many steps/ joy in that space.

BreakOut is moving forward. We have relocated our valuables to my family’s remaining space on 4th avenue. BreakOut will create a small pop up studio in our old 4th avenue space for the next couple weeks while we search for a new building. We will not stop dancing, we will not give up. BreakOut will need to reduce down to a 1 class per hour schedule for a while, but we will not close. We do not take lightly the trust and value we hold with our movers. We love you all deeply.

BreakOut will need help. To be honest, we are depleted by the last 3 years. We will be needing support from the community to help relocate and continue our operations. BreakOut has set up a relocation GOFUNDME (https://www.gofundme.com/t5s3dqjg). These funds will be strictly used to open a new space, which we are already actively seeking.

We cannot thank you enough for the support we continue to receive. This is a testing time, but we know we will make it through with our movers by our side. Classes will continue. Please have patience with a much smaller creative space for a weeks. We will push on and dance on.
Our mantra never felt more true… “Life Moves… Move with it.”

Todd Wilson & the BreakOut Team

Breakout Studios Tucson