What are the gym types in sword and shield?

What are the 8 gyms in Pokemon shield?

Sword/Shield Gym leaders

  • Milo (Turffield)
  • Nessa (Hulbury)
  • Kabu (Motostoke)
  • Bea/Allister (Stow-on-Side)
  • Opal (Ballonlea)
  • Gordie/Melony (Circhester)
  • Piers (Spikemuth)
  • Raihan (Hammerlocke)

Are the gyms different in sword and shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield have exclusive gym leaders, rivals

The differences between games within the same Pokemon generation can vary wildly. … Pokemon Sword’s fourth gym leader is fighting-type trainer Bea and the sixth gym leader is rock-type Gordie.

What is the 7th gym in Pokemon shield?

The seventh Gym is in, or rather just is, Spikemuth. This grungy city is home to Team Yell, and you will have to battle them to get to the Gym Leader.

Can you be a Gym Leader in Pokemon shield?

If you want to be Pokémon champion you need to collect eight badges, and that’s where our handy Pokémon Sword and Shield gym leader guide comes in. … You need to train your Pokémon into a formidable team that can withstand the ultimate test, and that’s becoming champion.

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What is the 6th gym in Pokémon Shield?

The sixth gym is up in Circhester. Complete the mission and you can face the sixth Gym Leader, Melony, who specialises in Ice-type Pokémon. She Gigantamaxes her Lapras in battle. Defeat him and you will receive TM27, Icy Wind, the Ice Badge, the Ice Uniform and the ability to capture Pokémon up to Level 50.

What’s the 5th gym in Pokémon Sword?

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s fifth gym is against Opal, a fairy-type user in Ballonlea.

What is the 4th gym in Pokémon Sword?

The fourth gym in Pokémon Sword is in Stow-on-Side, and is against a fighting-type expert, Bea. Note that if you have Pokémon Shield, then you battle a ghost-type gym leader, Allister, instead.

Is Alistair a boy or girl Pokemon?

Allister is a young boy with pale skin and purple eyes.

Who is the 7th Gym Leader in Pokémon Sword?

The seventh gym leader in Pokémon Sword and Shield is Piers, a dark-type user in the city of Spikemuth. Piers’ challenge is a bit more straightforward than the other challenges, but we prepped a guide to help get through it anyway.

Is Piers a boy or girl?


Trainer Class Gym Leader / Pokémon Trainer
Gender Male
Region Galar
Hometown Spikemuth
Relative Marnie (sister)

Does Piers ever dynamax?

Piers does not Dynamax his Pokémon, and that is not solely because his Gym doesn’t give him the ability to do so. He doesn’t Dynamax his Pokémon even if he can. Dynamaxing is a huge part of what makes Sword and Shield special. While it is cool that Piers commits to what he considers his style, it is a weakness.

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Can Milcery be a boy?

All Milcery Pokémon are female, which means you won’t be able to take a shortcut by breeding them at the Pokémon Center.

What gym is after Opal?

Stow-on-Side Gym Leader Allister (Shield) – Ghost TYpe – Level 34 to 36. Ballonlea Gym Leader Opal – Fairy Type – Level 36 to 38. Circhester Gym Leader Gordie (Sword) – Rock Type – Level 40 to 42. Circhester Gym Leader Melony (Shield) – Ice Type – Level 40 to 42.

What is Impidimp hidden ability?

Frisk. Pickpocket (hidden ability)