How much is the Total Gym as seen on TV?

How much does the Total Gym really cost?

The Total Gym is a serious fitness investment. Depending on the model, it can cost anywhere from $1,295 to $4,895 at the time of publication. The Total Gym products are sold to physical therapy clinics, gyms, hospitals, athletic training facilities and many other large corporations.

Is Total Gym a good purchase?

The Total Gym XLS Home Gym is an excellent, solidly constructed machine from a well known manufacturer. This machine has quality components that provide smooth movement and comfort. It also provides you with more exercise options that you’ll ever need. If it’s good enough for Chuck Norris….

Is there a cheaper version of the Total Gym?

If you’re looking for another cheap alternative to the Total Gym, then check out the ER Kang. … This makes it a great fit for those who are looking for a cheap Total Gym model to help them exercise comfortably at home. It even comes with a weight bar and 80lbs of additional weight to add to the machine.

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Is the Total Gym good for seniors?

Cable systems and the Bowflex/Total Gym machines work well with seniors because there are no free weights or plates involved. They are also easy to get on/off and are pretty low impact.

How much does a total machine cost?

Priced at $2,995 plus tax, delivery, accessories, and a $49 monthly membership, Tonal is one of the more expensive connected fitness machines on the market, surpassing the $1,995 Tempo Studio, which combines traditional weights with AI technology.

How long does it take to see results from Total Gym?

Over time, your body becomes adapted to the demands you’re putting upon it, and will make adaptations that can result in seeing fewer positive results. The Total Gym offers a myriad of exercises, so about every four weeks, change your routine and do different exercises.

What is the newest Total Gym?

Total Gym Fit – Best Overall

The FIT is the newest model and is basically the XLS but with double the resistance levels, more workout options, and a higher weight capacity. With over 85 possible exercises and 12 levels of resistance, it has tons to offer at a reliable price.

How heavy is the Total Gym?


Total Gym XLS Men/Women Universal Home Gym Workout Machine, Plus Accessories Total Gym Fitness Dynamic Plank Core & Abdominal Trainer Blast Workout Machine
Maximum User Weight 400 pounds 300 pounds
Dimensions Unfolded (L x W x H): 90 x 19 x 43 inches 60.7 x 19.7 x 26.7 inches
Weight: 93.4 pounds 32 pounds

Can I lose weight with Total Gym?

If you’ve chosen the Total Gym as the equipment you’ll use to work out and lose weight, you can see results — but keep in mind that a combination of a calorie-controlled diet, strength training and cardiovascular exercise is the best approach.

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Who owns Total Gym?

Tom Campanaro – Founder and CEO – Total Gym | LinkedIn.

How often should I workout on my Total Gym?

Use the Total Gym three to four days each week for one to two sets of 15 to 25 reps, if you are a beginner, or one to three sets of 12 to 20 reps if you are an intermediate exerciser.

Is total trainer the same as Total Gym?

Total Trainers use a pulley system attached to a roller system to provide resistance to exercises. There is also an option to attach free weights. The Total Gym does not provide a cardio workout. However, it also operates on a pulley system to provide resistance for body weight exercises.

What is the difference between the Total Gym models?

The more expensive models have more attachments, which means more exercises. That said, even the most affordable Total Gyms can offer 60+ exercises. The nicer models range between 80-85 exercises, and their commercial grade gym boasts you can perform over 200 exercises on it.